Serbian minister criticizes EU for “double standards”

A Serbian minister has criticized the European Union, claiming it has “double standards” and alleging it is moving the goalposts for Serbia regarding consideration for EU membership.

Rasim Ljajic, Serbian Labour and Social Affairs Minister, claimed that the EU’s decision to make Serbia’s cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia, ICTY, a condition for its consideration as a member of the EU was a cover for Kosovo recognition.

“My suspicion that The Hague [cooperation] condition was only a front for Kosovo has come true. That was evident the day after the extradition of [Radovan] Karadic in 2008, when the EU Council of Ministers virtually failed to even comment on it during a meeting in Brussels,” the SDPS leader said.

“When we extradited [Ratko] Mladic they immediately sought [Goran] Hadzic… That’s the kind of hypocrisy that Europe demonstrates towards us. Kosovo is now emerging as the main condition,” he alleged adding that citizens needed to be informed of this.

He went on to criticize some of the EU’s policies towards Serbia but warned against confronting Europe, adding that negotiation must continue.

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