Moldova’s coalition party wants a “neutral” candidate to break political deadlock

A junior partner in Moldova’s coalition government says it is ready to accept a castling between acting President Marian Lupu and Prime Minister Vlad Filat as a way out of the country’s prolonged political deadlock.

That proposed change to the coalition agreement by the Liberal Party would entail its leader, Mihai Ghimpu, regaining the post of parliament speaker, which is currently held by Lupu.

But the Liberals said they will oppose any other major changes to the center-right governing Alliance for the European Integration that could bring the communists back to power, party Vice President Boris Vieru said.

Vieru was commenting on Filat’s proposal to renegotiate the coalition agreement between his Liberal-Democrats, the Liberals, and the Democrats.

The three parties agreed to share the top jobs in the country when they came to power in 2009, but lack the 61 parliament votes required by the constitution to elect a president.

The Liberal Democrats say the best way to break the two-year deadlock over electing a president is to renew negotiations with the Communist Party to identify a “neutral” candidate.

But both Democrats and Liberals say any power-sharing agreement with the Communists would destroy the center-right coalition and likely slow down Moldova’s European integration.

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