Bosnia’s new PM confident about new government

As Vjekoslav Bevanda started official consultations with his proposed ministers, he expressed confidence about the future priorities of the new state government.

After receiving the necessary approvals last week, Bosnia’s new Prime Minister, Vjekoslav Bevanda, on January 16 officially opened consultations with future ministers.

Bosnia waited more than 15 months for the appointment of the new state government since the last general election owing to sharp disagreements between the six main parties.

Bevanda held the first consulative meeting with the Social Democrats, SDP, on Thursday, and afterwards told a press conference in Sarajevo he felt optimistic, since the December 28 agreement between the leaders of six parties was being implemented as planned.

“Almost everything we talked about is based on the agreement of six parties and I am glad of that,” Bevanda said. “It is so much easier to work in the government when you have a parliamentary majority.”

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