North Kosovo Serbs don’t agree with Serbian President plan to solve the conflict

Serbian President’s “four-point proposal” to resolve the stalemate in ethnically riven North Kosovo has received the thumbs down from local Serbs and from the nationalist opposition in Serbia.

Kosovo Serbs have dismissed Serbian President Boris Tadic’s plan to end the turbulence in Northern Kosovo, saying they rejected a similar plan years ago.

“The President’s proposal on North Kosovo solution is basically a copypasted version of the Ahrtisaari Plan. We did not accept this plan five years ago, so there will be no change of attitude now,” Marko Jaksic, vice-president of the Assembly of Association of Serbian Municipalities and Settlements in Kosovo and Metohija, said on Wednesday.

The Ahtisaari Plan was presented by Martti Ahtisaari, Finnish UN chief negotiator on Kosovo in 2007, but was never accepted by Serbia.

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