1991 war crimes trial for eastern Croatia continues

Serbian Prosecution Office charged Ljuban Devetak, Milan Devcic, Milan Radojcic, Zeljko Krnjajic, Miodrag Dimitrijevic, Darko Peric, Radovan Vlajkovic, Radisav Josipovic, Jovan Dimitrijevic, Sasa Stojanovic, Dragan Bacic, Zoran Kosijer, Petronije Stevanovic and Aleksandar Nikolaidis for war crimes against 70 civilians from the village of Lovas, in eastern Croatia committed in 1991.

According to the indictment, as members of the Yugoslav Army, local territorial defence, and a paramilitary formation “Dusan the Great”, are accused of having killed 22 civilians in their houses and yards, 23 people in improvised prisons, while 22 men died as a result of being forced to walk through minefields as human shields.

The accused also allegedly tortured Croat villagers, robbed their houses and enslaved them during October and November 1991.

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