Belgrade-Pristina dialogue continues on second day

The Belgrade-Priština dialogue continued Thursday at 10:00 CET. Belgrade team chief Borislav Stefanović has said that he is ready for another day of hard talks.

“We will fight till the end to find a solution in the framework of Resolution 1244, the Constitution and national interests,” Stefanović told journalists ahead of the talks.

He complained about Priština’s very rigid and negative stance in Wednesday’s talks.

Stefanović said that Belgrade wanted Priština to be represented in an asymmetric manner, adding that the core of this asymmetry is UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

“We are ready to accept another important international document apart from 1244 Resolution and that is the opinion of the International Court of Justice. It is now up to Priština and representatives of the international community to prevent anyone from keeping the EU integration of the entire Western Balkans as hostage,” he said.

The lead negotiator underlined that Serbia’s stance had broad support of the international community, referring to the letters of three ministers of the EU member states as a proof of this support.

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