Five war crimes suspects indicted in Bosnia

Bosnia’s war crimes prosecutors on Friday indicted five former members of a Croat paramilitary force for the torture of hundreds of Bosnian Serbs, most of them civilians, in the south of the country during the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

Ivan Zelenika, Srecko Herceg, Edib Buljubasic, Ivan Medic and Marina Grubisic-Fejzic, who served as Croatian Defence Forces (HOS) commanders or guards in the Dretelj detention camp, are accused of committing war crimes against Serb detainees from May to August 1992, the prosecution said in a statement.

“The civilians detained in the Dretelj camp were kept in inhuman conditions, abused, robbed of their belongings, beaten, raped and sexually abused, subjected to forced labour and tortured in the most humiliating ways,” the prosecution said.

The state court must now confirm the indictment.

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