Denmark to send soldiers, planes for Mali peace mission

The Danish government said on Friday it was ready to send 30 soldiers trained and a transport plane in Mali as part of a ready supply unit to battle for the mission (UN) keeping United Nations peace in that country.
The soldiers and the vehicle will form part of the United Nations Mission for integrated multidimensional stabilization in Mali (MINUSMA).
The decision came after last week the UN has asked Denmark to send 250 soldiers and up to 30 armored vehicles in Mali.
“We have a desire to support the essential work of the UN. Mali is only a remote frontier of Europe. If we are to face more pressure on Europe’s borders, we must also ensure peace and stability in Mali, “said Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen.
He explained the reasons for sending some soldiers and vehicles of the requested contribution was that Denmark should have the opportunity to participate in other operations.
“We do not want to put all eggs in one basket. It is not the UN who decide that Denmark contributes, “said the Minister.
The MINUSMA was established in 2013 to perform tasks related to security and supporting the political process in the country.
Denmark had 40 soldiers and a Hercules transport aircraft in Mali, but they came out in June 2014 despite a UN request to extend the mission.
In September, Denmark has decided to send 12 police officers to strengthen its contribution to MINUSMA.

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