S Sudan army, rebels agree joint troop deployment in capital

South Sudan’s army and rebel forces have agreed to deploy joint military units in the capital, a key stage of a peace deal aimed to end nearly two years of war.
Both sides have repeatedly traded blame for breaking an August 26 peace deal, the eighth such agreement.
Despite continued fighting, the rivals signed a deal in neighbouring Ethiopia to fix key military sections of the deal, including how many troops each side will have in the capital Juba.
A total of 4 830 troops will be allowed inside Juba. Just over two-thirds of those, or 3 420 men, will come from the government, while the remaining 1 410 will be from the rebels, according to the terms of the deal.
Those forces will include joint guard, military police and national security service units.
The demilitarisation of government-held Juba to allow the return of rebel chief Riek Machar and his entourage is a key provision of the peace agreement.

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