Burkina – Ivory Coast: Rambo in prison, the Touareg on the run

While Blaise Compaore seems he installed in Côte d’Ivoire, which he received citizenship, the recent arrest in Abidjan CWO Nébié Moussa said Rambo (ex-RSP), gives grist to the Burkinabe justice in the prosecution of the coup attempt in Ouagadougou in September 2015.
Arrested and extradited to Abidjan to Ouagadougou on February 20 aboard a flight chartered by the Ivorian authorities, CWO Nébié Moussa said Rambo, was initially kept
view the Burkinabe police in an undisclosed location. Two days later, he was heard by the judges of the military court in charge of the investigation into the coup attempt in mid-September 2015.
According to a judicial source, he was charged with, among others, to attack the security of the state and murder. This faithful General Diendéré Gilbert fled to Abidjan after the failed coup of the former Presidential Security Regiment (RSP). He is now detained at the prison and correction of hosts (Maca) in Ouagadougou.
“Good will gesture”
Referred too, and for the same reason, by an international arrest warrant, another “hard” the former RSP, Sergeant Roger Koussoubé, aka the Touareg, was also a refugee in Côte d Ivory, early October. But unlike Nébié, it is still free. According to a security source in Burkina Faso, he would still find in Abidjan. “The extradition of Nébié was a goodwill gesture to calm things down, breath-such. For the rest, we’ll see. “

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