Algeria to host International Conference on Democracy in Counter-terrorism

Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel said Saturday in Nouakchott that Algeria in September will host an international conference on democracy in the struggle against violent extremism and terrorism.
Speaking during the Arab Foreign Ministers Meeting, preparatory to the 27th Arab Summit in Nouakchott, Messahel announced that Algeria “faithful of its spirit of solidarity has always supported the countries going through difficult situations and provides them with its world renowned experience in the fight against terrorism and gained during the black decade, while expressing its willingness to share successful experiences with sister countries in this area.”
“The fight against violent extremism and terrorism is a collective responsibility requiring a strategy taking into account the educational, religious, social and development dimensions,” he added.
The stake is “to promote the values of dialogue and national reconciliation as well as the security dimensions to eliminate this scourge which threatens the security and stability of several countries,” Messahel underlined.
Messahel highlighted the importance of completing the Arab League development and reform process to face the challenges imposed by the economic situation and the aspirations of the Arab peoples, stressing “the need to place Arab League reform atop the priorities to align with the rest of regional blocs that have made considerable progress in the benefit of their peoples.”

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