Algeria, Iraq discuss bilateral relations

The longstanding relations between Algeria and Iraq were at the centre of discussions between Speaker of the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) Abdelkader Bensalah and Iraq’s Ambassador to Algeria Abderrahmane Hamed Mohamed Husseini, said the Upper House in a statement.
The two sides underlined “the willingness of the two countries to build fruitful cooperation,” said the statement.
Bensalah reaffirmed Algeria’s readiness to boost cooperation with Iraq, adding that “Algeria attaches special interest to fields likely to help restoration of security and stability in Iraq.”
The Upper House’s speaker also emphasized the importance of parliamentary cooperation and the “need to strengthen it in the best interest of the two peoples and the two sister countries,” said the statement.
During the discussions, the Iraqi ambassador Iraq gave an account of the situation in his country, especially the counterterrorism efforts.

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