Iraqi parliament labels IS crimes as genocide

The Council of Representatives of Iraq labeled on Thursday a number of crimes and massacres committed by the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the country as “genocide”.
The council voted for a parliamentary decision labeling the terrorist organization’s crimes in Badush prison and Speicher camp as genocide, the parliament said in a statement.
The decision also included IS’ massacres committed against a large number of people belonging from Albu Nimer, Jabour, Laheeb, and Ubaid tribes, in addition to the inhuman cruelties against Kurdish, Christian, Yazidi, Shabak, and Turkman civilians such as murdering a significant number of them and forcing the rest out of their homes in Nineveh, Sinjar, Tal Afar, and Bashir, said the statement.
Meanwhile, the parliamentary decision has labeled the cities and districts surrounding the banks of the Euphrates River, where dozens of civilians belonging from Albu Nimer tribe were murdered by IS three years ago, as a conflict-stricken area.

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