Algeria underlines close cooperation with Tunisia in fighting terrorism

Algerian Interior Minister Noureddine Bedoui on Thursday underlined the importance of close cooperation between Algeria and Tunisia in fighting terrorism.
The security of Tunisia is the security of Algeria, Bedoui said during his visit to the Algerian-Tunisian border at the Algerian port of Um el-Touboul.
The Algerian-Tunisian coordination in the field of security and information exchange is “permanent,” he said, stressing that the two countries are working together to face security challenges.
Last Sunday, terrorists attacked a border security station in northwestern Tunisia’s Jendouba Province, killing at least nine members of security forces.
Algeria on Sunday condemned the attack and expressed its solidarity with Tunisian authorities in their fight against the scourge of terrorism.
To effectively respond to the upsurge of terrorist acts throughout the Maghreb and Sahel region, the two countries have strengthened their intelligence and military operations.

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