Hamas Urges Regional Mobilization After New Israeli Offensive

This Wednesday, Israel launched a missile attack from the occupied Golan Heights on Syria’s capital, Damascus, claiming it was in response to discovering some landmines found on its territory. Syrian air defense units succeeded in shooting down several missiles, while others hit military targets, leaving at least three dead and one injured among the Syrian soldiers.

“The new aggression by the Zionist regime against Syria highlights its intimidatory approach throughout the region. The Zionists are resorting to such acts with the support of the US,” Hazem Qasem, a spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), said Wednesday. Likewise, the spokesman for HAMAS has emphasized to the regional countries the need to confront the Israeli regime, urging them to mobilize to materialize such an end.

Damascus assures that the conflict that has been burdening Syria since 2011 is part of Israel’s agenda that wants to dismember countries in the region.

Israeli strikes on Syria killed 10 fighters, including three Syrian air defense officers and seven allied foreign fighters, a Britain-based war monitor says in a new toll.https://t.co/GUPQgnYAYI
— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) November 18, 2020 

The Palestinian Resistance has repeatedly raised the alarm about the Israeli incursions against Syria and called on the Islamic countries to stop “the savagery” of the Zionists.

The positions of the forces of resistance, from Syria and Lebanon to the occupied territories, continue to be the object of frequent attacks by the Israeli regime, which violate the countries’ sovereignty, with Washington’s open support.

Different regional countries, including Syria and Palestine, have denounced the plots hatched by Washington and the Tel Aviv regime to support the terrorists and search for harming the Palestinian cause.

Both Syria and Palestine have threatened to respond to the hostile behavior of the Israeli regime and to thwart any conspiracy that this regime has orchestrated together with the US, whether it be the destabilization of the area or the so-called US “century agreement,” in which Washington proclaims that it seeks peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Syria promises to respond to Israeli aggression in due time.

Israel's army has confirmed it is carrying out ongoing attacks on Syria following Syria's retaliatory attack on Israel, which itself was a response to an Israeli attack on Syria. pic.twitter.com/JUrtWtkIiL
— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) May 10, 2018 

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