Four Regime Officers Killed in Lattakia

Several Syrian opposition sources reported the death of an officer in the ranks of the Syrian regime forces at the hands of unknown persons in the Lattakia Governorate.

The sources stated that Maj. Gen. Riyad Ahmed Shehab was killed in mysterious circumstances.

According to the sources, Shehab was previously the director of the military hospital in Lattakia.

Pro-regime sources said that Shehab died “as a result of his infection with the coronavirus,” without providing any additional details on the topic.

In the same context, the sources talked about the killing of three officers of the Syrian regime. They are First Lieutenant Mohammad Ibrahim Salman, who hails from the countryside of Tartous, and Honorary Lieutenant called Ali Fouad Ghanem, who hails from Jabla, as well as First Lieutenant Soumar Saeed Morshed, who hails from Qardaha.

The stories differed about the causes of their death. Some stories said that they were liquidated by unknown persons, while some said that a checkpoint was targeted in the area of ​​Jabal al-Akrad by the opposition factions, which led to the killing of all of them. Loyal sources did not go into details about their deaths, only posting epithets related to some of them.

On Tuesday, pro-regime sources said that the so-called Hassan Ahmed Shabana held the rank of the first assistant and hailed from the village of al-Ashrafiya al-Taba in the coastal city of Jableh. He was killed while performing his national duty at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the city.

A human rights activist from the coastal city of Jableh spoke with SY 24 and refuted the allegations of the Syrian regime and its loyalists about the death of an officer “while performing a national duty” in the city, saying that it is an incorrect account of events and that the matter may be an internal conflict between the Shabiha or between the regime’s members themselves, excluding any possibility that the opposition is linked to the officer’s liquidation.

From time to time, reports originating from the regime-controlled areas indicate incidents related to the assassination of officers or individuals supporting the regime by unknown persons, while remaining silent about any details related to those deaths.

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