Six neighboring countries hold talks on Afghanistan

A meeting of Special Representatives of China, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan was hosted by Pakistan on Sunday, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq said.

In a tweet, Sadiq tweeted on Sunday that he chaired the virtual meeting and the latest situation in Afghanistan was discussed.

The representatives of these countries unanimously stressed that peace in Afghanistan is vital for the security, stability and prosperity of the entire region, Sadiq added.

Sadiq said participants at the meeting stressed the importance of developing a regional approach to meeting common challenges and seizing new opportunities in Afghanistan.

“A prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan can lead to economic integration, strong people-to-people relations, increased trade and regional ties,” Sadiq said.

The special envoys of Afghanistan’s six neighboring countries have agreed to stay in close contact.

The meeting comes as preparations are underway in Kabul to announce a new government.

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