UK urges Syrian regime to comply with Geneva track

Author : Sorin Grama | Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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imgBritish Foreign Secretary William Hague on Monday urged the Syrian regime to comply with the Geneva Press track and contribute to efforts to find and end the conflict .

Updating Parliament on the situation in Syria , Hague said : ” On Saturday the Security Council of the United Nations adopted Resolution 2139 on Humanitarian Assistance , the United Kingdom requested and co – sponsored .
” This is the first resolution adopted by the Security Council on the humanitarian crisis since the conflict began three years ago, and it was agreed unanimously.

” An immediate end to violence lifting the siege from besieged , and the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid including especially across borders when necessary is required , – ” “The approval of this resolution is a major achievement , but it will only make a practical difference if applied in full. ‘re now working with the United Nations and our partners to try and ensure that bottlenecks hungry regime is broken.

“The UK continues to set an example to the world of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people Our ​​contribution now stands at 600 million pounds ( sterling ) . £ 241 million allocated to humanitarian assistance inside Syria , £ 265 million to support refugees in Jordan , Lebanon, Turkey , Iraq and Egypt , and 94 million pounds of allocations being finalized , “he noted .

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