Iran Trying to Expand Bandwidth Capacity

1ASDSA-2139.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Currently, the capacity of the state bandwidth is about 12,000 Mega bits and the efforts for expanding it to 15,000 Mega bits are being followed up rapidly, an Iranian official said.

Widespread efforts, aimed at expanding the bandwidth, are going on with the usage of the knowledge of native capacities to increase the internet bandwidth of the country to more than 3,000 Mega bits in the near future, deputy minister of Communication and Information Technology Abdol Majid Riazi told the Persian daily Farhang-e Ashti.

Referring to the discussions over the sanctions in the internet sector, he said, “The probability of such development is quite low but its possibility exists. Nevertheless, necessary preparations have been or are being made in order to exploit domestic networks.”

“It is hardly probable that the telephone or internet communications between countries or their local networks face sanctions. No country faced telephone sanctions in its worst circumstances in the past. Of course, the local network of the country will stay active if such a problem occurs.”

With regard to the national internet network and its current situation, the deputy minister of communication for technological affairs said, “The national internet network covers all the local areas and includes multiple structures. In a part of it, the usage of a supporter network provides stable and widespread connection between the provinces of Iran.

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