Iran-Germany Ties Should Reflect Two Countries’ Potentials

A03105112.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s new ambassador to Germany after arriving at his mission’s place told that Tehran-Berlin ties need to improve to a level to reflect two countries’ potentials.

Ali Reza Sheikh Attar told the Islamic republic news agency here on Monday evening, “Historical relations between Iran and Germany have always been strong and compared with the other European countries, this one has maintained good ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Referring to the 18% increase of Germany’s exports to Iran during the first four months of the current (Iranian) year (1387, started on March 21, 2008), year on year, he said, “Keeping in mind the entire existing restrictions and difficulties in this respect, this increase in economic ties is noticeable.”

He added, “There are lots of unused potentials in two countries’ relations, a part of which is due to the two countries’ ties in the past.”

Sheikh Attar said, “The past relations of the two countries, unlike the relations between other European countries with eastern countries, Germany’s relations with Iran has never included colonialist, or oppression records and the two nations are kind of optimist about one another.”

The new Iranian ambassador to Germany pointed out that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Germany has in many cases played the role of a window opening towards the European countries for the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding, “The two countries’ have broad unused potentials for further expansion of ties.”

He added, “Even the German Ornithologists’ surveys on Iran have been far less biased and aimed at colonialist intentions than those of the her European Ornithologists.”

Sheikh Attar said, “These are entirely positive points reveling the two countries’ high potentials for expansion of ties, which we need to take advantage of in order to materialize that grand objective.”

He said that the major obstacle in the two countries’ relations is the irresponsible interference of foreign countries, adding, “We need to safeguard bilateral ties from the hazards of such interventions.”

The Iranian ambassador said, “Misconceptions in bilateral ties have always been due to interference of other countries that have come up with the conclusion that expanded Tehran-Berlin ties would be unsatisfactory for them.”

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