Former Mayor Calls for National Unity Government

TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary General of the “Executives of Construction” Party Gholam Hossein Karbaschi on Friday urged all parties to from a national unity government.

“Establishing the national unity government consisting of all activists of the country is essential to the development of the country,” he said in the conclusion of the nationwide conference of the Construction party.

Addressing potential reformist presidential candidates who were present in the congress, Karbaschi stated, “We ask (you) to come back. The Iranian nation has more expectations from us. The rumors that some newspapers and agencies release should not deceive us.”

Karbaschi refused to explain what he meant by rumors.

According to the MNA, Karbaschi noted the fate of the nation is in a crucial condition. He added the reformists and conservatives can reach a coalition to save the nation from this critical condition “even if this (coalition) is for a short time”.

SCP members met Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Wednesday.

“In the meeting, Mr. Rafsanjani stated that some members of the Combatant Clerical Society had criticized the elimination” of some managers and the fact that the society “has reached such a conclusion is considered to be an apt opportunity.”

Elsewhere, the former Tehran mayor criticized the current administration and said despite many opportunities “unfortunately, because of some strategic mistakes, we have faced unprecedented and serious crises in foreign policy so that the plans against us have been hastened and their results will be more evident later.”

Karbaschi also criticized the economic policies of the administration and said the wrong policies have uplifted the inflation rate to 30 percent.

He added the “justice” slogan that is being used extensively by the current administration is not something new because all through the past 30 years since the revolution all officials have been insisting on administering justice.

“Our discussion in the past was that the distribution of poverty is not an honor, rather it is the wealth which should be produced in the country and distributed among people.”

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