Tadic: Serbia Supports a United Bosnia

resizer97After meeting the Serb representative of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency Nebojsa Radmanovic, Serbian President Boris Tadic said Belgrade supports a united Bosnia.

At a news conference Monday, the Serbian president told press that Serbia fully supports the agreement made by Bosnia’s three constituencies, and respects is responsibilities and duties as guarantor of the Dayton Peace Accords. 

Tadic said Belgrade is not giving Bosnia’s Serb entity Republika Srpska special attention, and said Serbia’s unique relationship with Srpska should not be perceived as a threat to Bosnia’s political integrity.

“EU and NATO membership are the common interests of all actors in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia supports both aspirations,” he stated, adding that he was disappointed that the two other members of the presidency, Zeljko Komsic and Haris Silajdzic were unable to make this trip.

His comments come after US Vice President Joseph Biden visited the region, amid expectations that he would bear down on Serbia to put pressure on Republika Srpska to soften its nationalist rhetoric.

Radmanovic was greeting officially with a state ceremony and reception at the Palace of Serbia before his meeting with Tadic.

In an interview with Vecernje Novosti, Radmanovic said that the main goal of this visit was to improve relations between their governments as quickly as possible, and expressed regret that this Bosniak and Croat counterparts canceled their visit.

”It is natural that the visit is strained by the fact that my two other colleagues from the Croat and Bosnian peoples will not be coming with me. They have their reasons, but I do not agree with them,” Radmanovic said.

“However, I hope that President Tadic and I can take a step ahead. For all of us in the region, the goal is to create good relations with our neighbors,” Radmanovic told the daily.

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