Ahmetovic nominated as BiH security minister

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

The Bosniak Party of Democratic Action (SDA) nominated its deputy leader, Sadik Ahmetovic, as security minister Monday (August 3rd). The previous two nominees — Halid Genjac and Senad Sepic — had dropped out of contention. The position became vacant after incumbent Tarik Sadovic was dismissed at the SDA’s suggestion amid complaints from “important foreign and local institutions” about his lack of communication and co-operation. Local media reported that US officials accused him of failing to take prompt action to expel Islamic extremists with suspected ties to al-Qaeda.

In other news, media reported on Monday that the BiH Interpol office has not yet issued an arrest warrant for former mujahedeen fighter Karaj Kamel bin Ali, also known as Abu Hamza, who escaped from the Zenica prison a week ago. Deemed a national security threat, he failed to return to prison following a seven-day leave. Media reports suggest he may be hiding somewhere between Zenica and Davidovic.

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