Sofia’s reactions are unreasonable and false: MoFA

SKOPJE, Macedonia

Macedonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs publically discharged Sofia’s reactions, concerning the case “Mitrova”, as unreasonable and false.
This was discussed during MoFA’s meeting with the executor of the Bulgarian embassy in Skopje.

The MoFA pointed out that although Spaska Mitrova has a Bulgarian passport, she has to answer for her criminal act done in Macedonia and she is considered as Macedonian citizen.
During the meeting MoFA represented the court record, which is in total accordance with the international law standards.

The Macedonian Ambassador in Bulgaria Divna Trickovska met with a Bulgarian representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, concerning Spaska Mitrova’s case.
Macedonia is a democratic country and therefore the verdict won’t be changed, Trcnikovska said.

Bulgaria stated that this won’t change their relations with Macedonia. Bulgaria continues to support Macedonia’s visa liberalization and its further EU and NATO entry. However, the Bulgarian Ministry expects an open communicating channel, so that they can contact with Mitrova.

The Ministry points out those Macedonian citizens, who have Bulgarian roots, shouldn’t be regarded as Macedonia’s opponents, but as connection with EU and Bulgaria.
Mitrova pays a penalty of 3-months jail time, because she wouldn’t let her ex-husband see their 2 year old daughter.

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