Brussels Tells Bosnians They Need to Coexist

The EU’s newly appointed foreign minister Catherine Ashton expressed her support behind international efforts to stabilise Bosnia, noting that there is no other choice but for the differing communities to live together.

At her parliamentary hearing in front of MEPs Ashton noted that: “They can have as many referendums as they like but at the end this is about one country coming together”.

During her appearance in parliament, she expressed Brussels’ concern about the political situation in the country and said Brussels needs an “effective strategy to overcome the political stalemate in Bosnia-Herzegovina”.

She said she will have regular contact with High Representative Valnetine Inzko in an attempt to find a strategy to overcome the current situation. “The prospect of EU membership is the glue” that holds the country together, she said. She promised to go beyond talking to politicians and said she will try to pass the message to ordinary people.

“Most people in this country want to live in peace and together, in a way it works for them’, Ashton said. She also confirmed that she would visit the Western Balkans, “soon”.

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