Visa-free travel to EU for BiH citizens by July

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) should be able to travel to the EU without visas by July, announced Tanja Fajon, European Parliament Rapporteur for Visa Liberalization for West Balkan Countries before the Parliament of BiH on Monday.

Fajon, heading an EU delegation tasked to determine whether to include this Balkan country in its visa liberalization regime, said that progress had been made since the last meeting with parliamentarians from BiH. The delegation has been on a fact-finding trip in BiH since Feb. 8.

Nonetheless, Fajon did say that “slowness in meeting the conditions of the ‘road map’ should be avoided in the future” and “that the EU needed to see a positive political message from BiH.”

Parliamentarians from BiH, for their part, stated that all the conditions had been made, and sought a “principled approach”. They outlined recent activities pertaining to the Election Laws and Constitution according to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Expectations were high in advance of the delegation’s arrival that BiH would be included on the Schengen White List, which would allow citizens to travel to the EU without visas. In the region, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro were included in the EU visa liberalization program in December, 2009.

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