Alexandar Mallias, a former Greek ambassador to Macedonia: Name – still condition for EU entry talks

Greece will not quit on the resolution of the name dispute as a condition for start of the neighboring country’s EU accession talks, Alexandar Mallias, a former Greek ambassador to Macedonia said on Thursday.

Alexandar Mallias reckons that name Republic of North Macedonia to replace the interim reference FYROM and naming of the language and the nation as Macedonian in Latin alphabet (makedonski) could be a possible settlement of the dispute. It will differentiate the population in the Macedonia region in Greece and the population in the neighboring country.

“Now is the time to live and to make a better future in the relations between the two countries not just for my generation but also for our children and their parents. Prime Minister Papandreou and his government pledge for win-win solution. Greek government is ready, and I know that our public opinion is to see a solution. I count on the wisdom of our country’s leadership,” Mallias said.

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