Moldovan Interim president Mihai Ghimpu got the “Key of Bucharest”

Moldovan Interim president, Mihai Ghimpu is now the of owner „Bucharest Key”. The bilateral meeting with Bucharest mayor, Sorin Oprescu, was followed by the ceremony of handing the „Key of the City”.

According to Bucharest mayor, Mihai Ghimpu’s experience in local public administration could be of real help to Bucharest citizens. Sorin Oprescu expressed his hope that Chisinau authorities, altogether with the ones from Bucharest will be able to open the gates of the European Union.

“We thank the Romanians from Bucharest for the appreciation and the love felt today during the visit in the Romanian capital. Bucharest for me is not only the capital of all Romanians, regardless their place where they live, it is also the small Paris”, said Mihai Ghimpu.

In the end, president Ghimpu addressed the mayor Sorin Oprescu an official invitation for visiting Chisinau.

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