European Parliament: Bosnia is politically unstable

The European Parliament (EP) has adopted a resolution on Bosnia-Herzegovina, expressing concern over the political instability in that country. The EP also mentioned that as a problem a “lack of will of political forces and leaders in the country to achieve a joint vision”.

The use of nationalistic and secessionist rhetoric which undermines relations between Serb, Muslim and Croat community as well as the functioning of the central state must stop, the resolution points out.

All citizens of multiethnic Bosnia-Herzegovina must exercise the same rights without any discrimination, the EP stresses.

The EP, on the other hand, expressed satisfaction over the progress in the process of EU visa liberalization and underlined the great importance of this for the citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The resolution further says that it is necessary to perform key political reforms in order to achieve the standards necessary for EU accession, which include judicial system reforms and respect of human and minority rights.

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