Man indicted over Srebrenica

The Bosnia-Herzegovina Prosecutor’s Office issued an indictment against former member of the Republic of Srpska Army (VRS) Marko Boškić.

Boškić, who is citizen of both Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, was arrested at the international airport in Sarajevo on April 28 last year, after he was deported from the United States.

During the armed conflict in Bosnia, in the period from July 10 to November 1, 1995, as a member of the 10th Sabotage Detachment of the VRS Main Staff, Boškić allegedly participated in the persecution of civilians on political, national, ethnic, cultural and religious grounds in the area of Srebrenica.

The indictment alleges that on July 16, 1995, knowing that the detained Bosniak men would be executed on a farm in the village of Pilica, municipality of Zvornik, the suspect together with seven other members of the 10th Sabotage Detachment participated in the summary procedure execution.

The detainees were brought by buses to be executed at Branjevo military farm, and only two of the prisoners survived.

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