ICJ to deliver opinion on Kosovo next week

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will deliver its advisory opinion July 22nd on whether Kosovo’s declaration of independence was in accordance with international law. The court announced on Wednesday that the opinion will be broadcast live. Kosovo Foreign Minister Skender Hyseni said there is no chance the ICJ will rule in favour of Serbia. “I don’t see how the ICJ can declare against the freedom of one nation. And a declaration in favour of Serbia would be essentially against the will of a nation,” he said. He added that 35 countries are expected to recognise Kosovo as a state after the court’s decision. Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic voiced confidence that the ICJ’s opinion will serve as a warning to Pristina that it cannot change international law. Nor, he said, will not put an end to the struggle for Kosovo. “Serbia will continue its diplomatic and peaceful struggle to safeguard its territorial integrity, as well as its efforts to reach a solution, based on compromise, on the future status of Kosovo.”

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