EU draft Kosovo resolution ready

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has distributed a proposed resolution on Kosovo to the EU members. The text accepts the International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion on the legality of the Kosovo Albanian unilateral independence declaration, and calls on Belgrade and Prišzina to start a dialogue, said reports.

According to Serbia’s national broadcaster RTS, the draft resolution calls on the UN General Assembly to invite both sides to continue their efforts towards mutual and regional cooperation and democracy.

The text also accepts the ICJ decision which states that Kosovo’s declaration of independence was not a violation of international law.

The authors of the resolution feel that the EU members will be able to agree on the document because its language and tone should be acceptable for the five members who have not recognized Kosovo.

Those are Greece, Spain, Romania, Slovakia and Cyprus.

Serbia, which considered the UDI made in early 2008 to have been an illegal attempt at secession, submitted its own draft on Wednesday.

Last week, the top UN court ruled that as no active provision in international law prohibits unilateral proclamations of independence, the Kosovo Albanian one did not violate it. The court did not take a stand on the right to self-determination and secession.

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