International community urges BiH to adopt rules on police co-ordination

BiH — Members of the international community sent a joint letter to Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola Spiric on Friday (August 13th), warning that the failure to enforce police co-ordination could endanger the prospect of eventual visa-free travel to EU countries. High Representative Valentin Inzko, the head of the EU police mission in BiH, Stefan Feller, and Boris Iarochevitch, head of operations within the European Commission (EC) delegation to BiH, reminded Spiric in the letter that the country has yet to adopt regulations on the co-ordination of police authorities, a condition for visa-free travel. They urged the Council of Ministers to adopt the rules before August 31st, so the European Commission has time to consider the development.

Meanwhile, Inzko, whose mandate was extended Thursday for another year until August 31st 2011, said in an interview Saturday with Dnevni Avaz that there is no risk of collapse or the centralisation of BiH. He added that the constituent peoples do not represent a threat to each other. Rather, he says, the biggest threat is authorities who have failed to implement reforms and continue to serve their own interests. “In October [when BiH holds general and presidential elections] the citizens have only one choice — to continue to act as they have done so far, or to move forward,” Inzko said.

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