Serbia to ask UN Security Council for Kosovo investigative mechanism

The United Nations Security Council will today discuss Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s new report on the situation in Kosovo and Metohija. Serbia will be represented at the session by its foreign minister, Vuk Jeremić.

Jeremić said on Wednesday that Serbia will officially request that the UN Security Council provides an investigative mechanism which would look into the allegations Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Dick Marty put forward in his report on human organ trafficking.

“All war crimes committed during the wars in the former Yugoslavia have so far been investigated in scope of the mandate of UN Security Council which has been dully informed of the results of those investigations. Things have do be done in the same way this time as well,” he underlined.

Jeremić cautioned that the EU mission in the province, EULEX, “cannot carry out the investigation by itself, since it lacked territorial jurisdiction over the countries in which such an investigation should be launched, as its mandate covered only Kosovo and Metohija”.

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