Bosnia’s Federation Condemns Serb Court Referendum

The parliament in Bosnia’s mainly Croat-Bosniak region has condemned a recent decision by the Serb region to hold a referendum on the state court.

At an extraordinary session on Wednesday, Bosnia’s Federation parliament adopted a document reaffirming committment to Euro-Atlantic integration, the rule of law, equality, and the consistent implementation of the Dayton Peace Accords.

The chairman of the parliament, Denis Zvizdic, previously stated that the declaration is a response of both Federation houses of parliament to current political events in Bosnia and the fact that, after what he called years of anti-Dayton activities, the assembly of Bosnia’s predominantly Serb entity, Republika Srpska, passed a decision earlier this month to stage a referendum on the State Court and the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Declaration, which consists of four chapters, says: “Parliament resolutely rejects the entity challenging the state court and prosecutors, which were established by the Constitution and laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an indispensable part of an independent and impartial Bosnia’s judicial system, and cannot be denied by a single entity”.

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