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Sanctions Serve Iran’s Growth

TERHAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Government Spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham said that previous sanctions have pushed Iran to access new technologies, adding that the measure would help Iran’s growth and make the nation stronger.

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Reuters Spreads KGB Lies

In a report from Johar, the capital of the Russian-occupied Chechnya, dated  August 14, about  such an “important world news” as Russian terrorists from the KGB (now called FSB) sending  SMS text messages on mobile phones of every subscriber in Ingushetia “to end their participation in illegal

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Lebanon truce holds

Hizbollah declares victory as thousands of refugees rush back to blitzed villages in south  BEIRUT (Reuters) — A fragile UN-ordered truce took hold in Lebanon on Monday after Israel’s monthlong war with Hizbollah fighters, prompting thousands of refugees to rush back to blitzed villages in the south.

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