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What the ‘Restrainers’ Get Wrong About U.S. Alliances

Proponents of a U.S. grand strategy of “restraint” are perhaps most well-known for advocating the end of America’s “forever wars” and reducing the country’s military footprint in the Middle East and Afghanistan. But the so-called restrainers have also questioned the rationale for maintaining the United States’ extensive networks of alliances …

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Guerre dans le monde : L’ONU, un machin génocidaire

L’organisation internationale l’ONU a été constituée, en 1945 pour succéder à la Société des Nations (SDN) par les États qui ont accepté de remplir les obligations prévues par la Charte des Nations unies signée, le 26 juin à Sanfrancisco, en 1945, en vue de sauvegarder la paix et la sécurité …

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Turkey faces gathering storm in Syria

Erdogan’s choices limited as Russian-backed Syrian forces increase attacks, weigh final assault on Idlib Erdogan’s Syrian predicament Three Turkish soldiers were killed Sept. 11 in a bomb attack in Idlib, the last stronghold of Turkish-backed and Islamist opposition in northwest Syria — and Turkey responded by hitting US-backed Kurdish groups …

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