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The Axis of Upheaval

How America’s Adversaries Are Uniting to Overturn the Global Order In the early morning of January 2, Russian forces launched a massive missile attack on the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv that killed at least five civilians, injured more than 100, and damaged infrastructure. The incident was notable not …

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Hamas and Palestinian factions are targeting and threatening to target the humanitarian pier in the central Gaza Strip that is meant to distribute aid to the northern Strip. Israeli media report that unspecified Palestinian fighters mortared construction facilities for the US-built pier in the central Gaza Strip on April 25.[1] …

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Reflections On Social Exclusion And Radicalization In The Arab World – Analysis

The independences of the Arab nations in the 20th century brought hope to the Arab masses for better living standards and better future but unfortunately this dream never materialised in non-oil countries. Instead, non-democratic Arab governments adopted neo-tribalism practices, and neo-patriarchy philosophy to perpetuate their regimes and consolidate their power …

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