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Wagner’s Head Is Dead, Now Bury The Body – Analysis

Yevgeny Prigozhin is presumed dead in a plane crash, alongside Wagner Group’s co-founder and operational commander, Dmitry Utkin. They leave behind a business empire and thousands of security contractors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The Kremlin has a few options to clean up the debris: they could completely …

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The Iron Fist Inside A Velvet Glove – OpEd

“1789 is a historic date, but it is not an historic example”. The French Revolution, violent to its fingertips, began with the highest motives, led by the most inspired and determined of people, but descended step by step into its self-created inferno where the revolution consumed its own children. As …

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Alone Together: How The War In Ukraine Shapes The Russian-Iranian Relationship – Analysis

IntroductionThe war in Ukraine has fundamentally changed the Russian-Iranian relationship. The cooperation between the two countries has reached unprecedented levels, evident in the use of Iranian drones by Russia in Ukraine. The two countries have increased their efforts to jointly resist Western sanctions and political isolation. Iran also continues to …

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