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Who Is A Primary Winner In Emerging Food Crisis?

Since the outbreak of the Ukraine war, international grains prices, especially wheat, corn and sunflower, have soared. The circumstance has abruptly aggravated the already serious shortage of grains due to frequent droughts and other adverse climatic variations, now developing into a global food crisis. According to the U.N. World Food …

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BRICS, Putin, Xi, and challenge to the Empire

BRICS is taking initiatives that stand as a challenge to the Empire-led world arrangement. The arrangement – Empire’s sole authority – in the world capitalist order will face stiff competition and resistance if BRICS initiatives move on steadily. The on-going Ukraine War has appeared as a significant lesson to all …

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What Money Can’t Buy

The Limits of Economic Power Anyone who wonders about the potential of economic power need look no further than the response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The dramatic measures taken by the United States and its allies illustrate the potency of the purse. The International Monetary Fund has forecast that …

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