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3,505 die in quake

King, in US, sends condolences letter to Yudhoyono  YOGYAKARTA (AP) — A powerful earthquake flattened homes and buildings in central Indonesia early Saturday as people slept, killing more than 3,505 and injuring thousands more in the nation’s worst disaster since the 2004 tsunami.

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Egypt reckons US too needy to add bite to bark

CAIRO — Egypt’s rulers are ignoring US criticism of their crackdown on political opposition because they calculate that the Bush administration desperately needs friends in the Middle East, critics and observers say. The US State Department has publicly criticised Egypt three times this month over its human rights record, its …

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Mogadishu fighting kills 39

MOGADISHU (AP) — At least 39 people were killed Thursday in renewed fighting in the Somali capital that sent thousands of frightened civilians running from their homes, medical officials and a militia commander said. According to reports collected from the Somali capital’s main hospitals, at least 30 people were killed …

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