Belgrade to mark 65th anniversary of liberation

The 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade will be marked today with a series of events and in the presence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

The highest state and military honors will be given at the Liberators’ Cemetery in Belgrade, while wreaths will be laid to mark the anniversary of the liberation during World War II.

Wreaths will be laid by Serbian and Russian Presidents Boris Tadić and Dmitry Medvedev, Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas and World War II veterans.

An official ceremony will be held at the Sava Center at 18:00 CET to mark the liberation, which will also be attended by the two presidents.

After days of intense fighting, members of the Yugoslav Army, supported by Soviet troops, liberated the captal on October 20, 1994, bringing an end to four years of Nazi occupation.

Tens of thousands of Belgraders perished during the occupation, while the city was left in ruins.

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