Mesić takes fresh jab at Dodik

img101Croatian President Stjepan Mesić has accused Republic of Srpska (RS) Premier Milorad Dodik of “working to destabilize Bosnia-Herzegovina”.

RS and the Muslim-Croat Federation are the two entities of the post-war Bosnia.

Mesić was speaking in Berlin when he stated that “Europe must allow the high representative in Bosnia to eliminate from politics those who do not recognize and are breaking up Bosnia-Herzegovina, because that stands in the way of stabilization and European orientation of our region.”

He went on to say that Dodik is “continuing the policy of Slobodan Milošević, but now in a different way”.

According to Mesić, that policy is “no longer conducted using tanks, cannons and Srebrenica”, but by “not recognizing and breaking up Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the result could be the same”.

Mesić also stated that Croatia and Bosnia “must solve the issue of an agreement that would enable for extraditions of convicted persons”.

The Croatian president was meeting with his German counterpart Horst Kohler, news agencies reported, and they discussed strengthening of economic cooperation, and the situation in the Balkan region, “especially in Bosnia”.

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