EU Ambassador to Macedonia: One more month to resolve name issue

If there is a chance to resolve name issue by the end of the following month, European Council will have the opportunity to give a positive decision on Macedonia’s start of accession talks with EU, EU Ambassador to Macedonia Erwan Fouere said during the lecture at FON University.

“We have one month until the meeting of the European Council on June 17. If there is a chance for progress this month then we can expect a positive decision in June. Unfortunately, the contacts and the meetings didn’t accelerated the process as we wanted. There is still time and we hope the two sides will make all the efforts needed in order to solve name issue and enable Macedonia to step forward. This is out desire and we will continue working on that”, Fouere said.

EU Ambassador Fouere urged for further implementation of the reforms in order to met European criteria. He urged for a better political dialogue, fight against corruption in order to secure legal safety for eventual foreign investments as well as reform in the public administration. These reforms shouldn’t be seen as an obligation set by the European Union but as a way of securing better life for Macedonian citizens. He urged for commitment by political leaders”, Fouere said.

“These reforms shouldn’t be seen as irreversible. This means that the implementation of the reforms must continue besides the economic and the political hardships in the country”, Fouere said. He also presented Brussels’ views on the anti-discrimination laws. He said that the EU accession talks usually go for 4-5 years.

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