Karadzic: Grbavica crimes were not organized

At the trial of Radovan Karadzic, a witness says that Bosniak civilians were deported from Grbavica, Sarajevo in 1992, while Karadzic maintains that the crimes committed there were not organised.

Prosecution witness Radomir Neskovic, former Vice President of the Executive Board with the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS, explained that members of paramilitary formations, including Veselin “Batko” Vlahovic, committed crimes in Grbavica in the summer of 1992.

“Vlahovic’s crimes were known to everybody, including the army and civil and military police. I even reported him to the military police once,” Neskovic said, explaining that Vlahovic was frequently arrested, but he would always be released to liberty a short time later, as per orders given by authorities.

Commenting on the witness’ statements, indictee Karadzic said that the deportation of the non-Serb population from Grbavica was not organised, but rather was carried out by “individuals and certain groups” that he did not know about.

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