Algeria welcomes Yemen peace talks in Geneva

Algeria “welcomes” the opening on Monday in Geneva of peace talks among the Yemeni parties and voices hope that this dialogue reaches a “political” solution to the crisis the country is facing, Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Abdelaziz Benali Cherif said.

“We are also hoping that this dialogue can reach a political solution of the crisis, likely to encourage reconciliation between the different members of the Yemeni society and enable the country to get out of the spiral of instability and violence,” the official stressed.
“While reiterating our support for this emerging process, which is in itself a step forward towards finding a comprehensive and peaceful solution to the crisis in this country through a serious, constructive and responsible dialogue, we urge all parties and political players to choose a consensual way and to place the interests of Yemen before any other consideration,” Benali Cherif concluded.

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