Libyan Presidency Council leader visits Turkey to discuss security

The head of the Libyan Presidency Council Fayez Mustafa Al-Sarraj arrived in Ankara yesterday where he met with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım to discuss counterterrorism, energy and economic development between Turkey and Libya as well as the political process under the Libyan Presidency Council. The Libyan leader expressed his sincere appreciation to Turkey for its support
especially regarding the energy issue as Prime Minister Yıldırım vowed to enhance economic cooperation between the two states.
Prime Minister Yıldırım underlined in his remarks yesterday that a commission must be established to monitor developments regarding newly organized economic projects and other projects that were planned in the past: “The commission that will be established under the Economy Ministry will take into consideration the present conditions of more than 300 Turkish businesses operating in Libya in the past and in accordance with the mutual expectations, decisions on these companies will be made, thus allowing businesses to accelerate in the future,” Yıldırım added.

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