Libya PM welcomes all efforts to solve Libyan crisis

Libya’s Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord Fayez al-Sarraj on Wednesday hailed “all efforts, especially of Arab countries, for the resolution of Libyan crisis,” including the initiatives of Algeria and Egypt, which culminated in the signing of the Declaration of Tunis.
In his address at the 28th Arab Summit in the Dead Sea region, Jordan, al-Sarraj said that “initiatives must be based on the political accord,” adding that “it is high time to reach an Arab consensus on the Libyan crisis and move towards resolving the crisis, which has been shaking the country since 2011.
“I am not here as the head of a government of war between Libyans but of a government of national accord,” said al-Sarraj.
The political process in Libya “has gone through several stages, starting from the political accord (sponsored by the United Nations) on the basis of which the government of Libya is assuming all its responsibilities and is committed to addressing security and economic challenges facing the Libyan state,” he added.

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