Turkey Intelligence Forces Arrest 15 Alleged Mossad Spies

Turkish intelligence forces arrested 15 people working on behalf of Israel’s Mossad secret service agency, Turkey’s Sabah newspaper first reported on Thursday. The suspects, divided into five cells of three people each and all said to be Arabs, were arrested in four separate provinces in a covert operation on October 7, according to the report. The cells had been shadowed for about a year. The cells were providing the Mossad with information on Turkish college students and foreign students attending universities in Turkey, especially those who could work in the defense industry in the future. The network also conducted research on organizations and associations operating in Turkey, where Hamas has a base of operations. The spies, who had face-to-face meetings with Mossad officials abroad, were paid tens of thousands of dollars and euros for their efforts, according to Sabah. They are expected to be indicted following a thorough investigation, the newspaper reported.

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