Many Problems Solved through Regional Coordination

A0237870.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said that Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria can solve may regional problems, particularly in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, in case they move in harmony.

Speaking in a meeting with the caretaker of Egypt’s interests section in Iran, Rafsanjani noted the significant role and position of Iran and Egypt in the region, and viewed the two countries’ cooperation in the different regional and international arenas as necessary.

“If they move harmoniously, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria can solve many regional problems, particularly in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine,” he reiterated.

The key figure of the Islamic Republic further mentioned that raising such issues which cause discord impedes expansion of bilateral ties between the two states, and reminded that the two sides’ transparent move coupled with mutual trust can do away with the misunderstandings.

Noting the two states’ high cooperation potentials, he said if both countries show firm determination for the promotion of their relations, it will be easy to do so, given the bonds and close views maintained by the two nations.

Rafsanjani also termed Islamic understanding and trust among regional countries as very crucial, and stressed, “Sowing discord among Muslims and dividing the Shiite and Sunnites is one of the plots practiced by the enemies at the present stage.”

He called on all regional countries to show vigilance in the face of such conspiracies and plots.

Noting the country’s nuclear issue, the official stressed Iranian nation’s right of access to peaceful nuclear energy, and underlined, “All the world states are entitled to the peaceful use of the nuclear energy, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is not opposed to the utilization of the nuclear technology by regional states.”

For his part, head of Egypt’s interests section office in Tehran stressed the necessity for cooperation between the two countries, and said, “Considering the positive trend of the two countries’ relations in the last one year, efforts should be made to facilitate restoration of actual ties.”

Also noting the efforts made to sow discord between the Shiites and Sunnites in the region and Iraq, Abdul-Majid al-Ziyat assured that Egypt would never take part in any coalition or alliance which intends to undermine the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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